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build your homepage in minutes

Dead easy, made in a few minutes

quickypage offers you an affordable possibility to create your own homepage – within a couple of minutes – without any knowledge of programming, designing or webhosting. Only a few mouseclicks on an easy-to-work-with surface, a little text input, a few picture uploads and your professionally designed webpages are ready! Whether you create a homepage for your business, your favorite club or privat pleasures – quickypage is the preferred tool for everybody who wants a professional look – and especially – at any time easily changeable content. All you need is a PC with internet connection, a webbrowser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer) and of course a valid quickypage account.


Your Advantages

  • No programming knowledge required.
  • Hundreds of templates freely selectable at any time
  • Extensive functions, such as e-mail form, shop system, forum, Google Maps and more.
  • At any time quite simply change texts, color, position, pictures, etc.
  • Photo archive with many professional photos.
  • Low and transparent tariffs with low monthly costs.
  • Advertising free! Quickypage does not bother you and your visitors with email ads or pop-up windows, etc.